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Parker’s Innovative HCR Subsea Hydraulic Hose Offers for Oil and Gas

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Parker 派克超高压深海油气管路57CR (CAT4900)

美国派克,俄亥俄州拉文纳-2018年3月27日,全球领先的运动和控制技术公司Parker Hannifin Corporation Parflex分公司发布其HCR海底液压软管。 HCR软管是一种高抗塌陷的海底软管,专门设计用于承受深海液压应用中的坍塌力,包括海底液压系统,防喷器组,井增产和液压飞线。 在不依赖系统压力的情况下,HCR软管能够以1.5英尺设计系数抵抗3048米(10,000英尺)的海水,并符合ISO13628-5:2009和API 17E标准。

RAVENNA, Ohio – Mar 27, 2018 – The Parflex Division of Parker Hannifin Corporation, the global leader in motion and control technologies, announces its HCR subsea hydraulic hose. HCR hose is a high collapse resistant subsea hose specifically designed to withstand the collapse forces found in deep sea hydraulic applications including subsea hydraulics, BOP stacks, well stimulation and hydraulic flying leads. Without relying on system pressure, HCR Hose is collapse resistant to 10,000 ft. (3,048 m) seawater at a 1.5 design factor and meets ISO13628-5:2009 and API 17E standards.

产品特性 Performance Characteristics:

  • Diameter Nominal (DN): 12 or 25

  • Hose l.D (mm): 12.7mm or 25.4mm

  • Hose O.D. (mm): 30mm or 50.8mm

  • Maximum Working Pressure: 5,000 (psi)

  • Minimum Burst Pressure: 20,000 (psi)

  • Minimum Bend Radius (mm): 159mm or 273mm

  • Weight (kg/m): 0.95kg/m or 2.17kg/m

  • Cover Material: Polyurethane

  • Cover Colour: Blue or Yellow

  • Rated unsupported collapse resistance up to 1200 m water depth

  • ISO 13628-5 "Specification for Subsea Production Control Umbilical’s Section 7.9 Hose construction

  • Can be supplied with full PTS Parker Hose tracking system

As exploration moves into deeper waters the need for more specialised products is required. This Sea Wolf Hose will eliminate these Problems.


In addition to an industry-leading minimum collapse resistance of 6,600 psi (45.6 MPa) differential pressure, Parflex HCR hose offers the most compact bend radius available today as well as a unique combination of innovative features. HCR hose:

  • Enables tighter routings and easier installation due to its compact bend radius that is nearly half that of comparable offerings.

  • Is available in blue, yellow, black and green for easy color coding. Parflex HCR hose is the industry’s only multicolor offering, making it especially useful in BOP applications

  • Is the only high collapse resistant subsea hydraulic hose available with a choice of JIC or sub-seal (dual seal) fittings

HCR Hose is constructed with a flexible stainless steel interlocking carcass, a seamless polyamide core tubing, aramid fiber braid reinforcement, and an abrasion- and seawater-resistant polyurethane cover. These features combine to offer a working pressure of 5,000 psi (34.5 MPa) with a 4-to-1 design factor.

“Today’s oil companies are raising the bar for high collapse resistant hoses by targeting oil reserves in increasingly deeper waters,” said Angelo Piano, product sales manager for Parker’s Parflex Division that produces the new hose. “Parker saw a critical need for hydraulic hose that could withstand the collapse forces found in ultra deep sea environments, but also do more. No other competitive subsea hose has the bend radius, color-coding capability or fittings flexibility of HCR hose. In creating HCR, we met the need and added value, facilitating speed and efficiency for operators working in demanding offshore drilling environments.”

HCR Hose will be on display in Parker booth number 3639 at the Offshore Technology Conference in Houston, Texas, April 30-May 3, 2018.

For additional product information, contact Angelo Piano, Product Sales Manager, at (330) 298-4041

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派克Parker 57CR Ultra High Pressure Hose


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